The Future is NOW – Hygiene is going to be more than just a rating

Proper hygiene in the restaurant would help you gain the trust of customers



In these testing times, the immediate future is going to look a lot different than the past. Hygiene is not just essential to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers, but it also plays a significant role in building the brand image of the restaurant.

Customers will demand that the restaurants or cloud kitchens which serve food maintain the highest hygiene standards. A lack of hygiene could spell the end of the business.

Some of the steps to take that restaurants operate at the highest level of hygiene and safety are:

  1. Regular inspection of Kitchen areas, Dining Areas, and Restrooms
  2. Quality of Water and Ice served
  3. Guidelines for Staff for Maintaining Personal Hygiene
  4. Regular sanitization of kitchen equipment
  5. Regular testing of food prepared in the kitchen
  6. Swab testing of personnel and kitchen surfaces to ensure no microbiological contamination

The perception amongst hospitality professionals and customers that restaurant workers lack the food hygiene and safety awareness is extremely concerning. Hospitality has a widening skills gap and will potentially accelerate this shortage due to the industry’s strong reliance on migrant workers.

Food safety is one of – if not the biggest – concern within food service operations and operators are going to be increasingly under pressure to control and implement the highest of hygiene standards. The problem is, microorganisms that spread infections, compromise hygiene standards, cause food to spoil and create offensive odours multiply very quickly and is very difficult to keep pace.

In just eight hours, a single bacterial cell can multiply to over eight million, meaning that health risks and odours remain a major problem, with standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures only offering a temporary solution.

Align for the future – Follow Best Hygiene Practices NOW!

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