Testing of Sanitizers/Disinfectants & UV Sterilizers

With the emergence of COVID-19, it is all the more important to have established quality guidelines to ensure that the ingredients used in the preparation and distribution of hand sanitizers and disinfectants meets applicable safety requirements. Fogiene Sciences can help you optimise raw materials selection and testing, as well as finished product testing, to ensure that safe, high-quality products reach your customers quickly.

The huge demand for quality sanitizers/disinfectants and UV sterilizers has made it all the more important that tested products which are safe is available to the customers.

To support the various manufacturers of hand sanitizers Fogiene Sciences have been extending hand sanitizer, Disinfectant & UV Sterilizer testing across India.

Hand Sanitizer Testing Services

We offer a complete array of hand sanitizer testing services including –

  1. Purity testing of raw materials like alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide
  2. Antimicrobial activity against bacteria
  3. Antifungal activity against fungus
  4. Shelf-life studies for hand sanitizers

Study designed specifically for Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Fogiene Sciences along with the leading experts in the industry have designed A Time Kill Study which is a microbiology method for the assessment of antimicrobial & fungus activity of an antimicrobial test material or disinfectant. The Kill Time Study is carried out to evaluate the microbial reduction by a sanitizer or disinfectant against selected bacteria or fungi after a specified exposure time.

Scientific Methods for UV Sterilizers

Scientifically deisgned Tests conducted in our microbiology labs, where rate-of-kill is measured for various pathogens & fungi under tightly controlled conditions. We also check for Environmental effectiveness, where rooms are swabbed before and after UV treatment.


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