Hygiene Audit & Inspections

What are Fogiene Sciences Hygiene Audits?

Fogiene Sciences Hygiene Audits comprise of:

1. Gap Audits: Determination of the degree of conformance of your organization to the requirements related to food safety which includes documentation, training, infrastructure, personnel etc.

2. Hygiene Audits: A food hygiene audit or food safety audit provides a comprehensive inspection of a food processing facility to evaluate its compliance with established food hygiene and safety standards, as well as a company’s specific hygiene policies and practices.

3. Operational Audits: Operational audit is the type of audit service that the review is mainly focused on the key processes, procedures, system, as well as internal control which the main objective is to improve productivity, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

Why Fogiene Sciences?

Fogiene Sciences is an independent food safety certification body which is accredited to globally recognised standards. Our experienced food safety auditors can help you further improve your standards and gain the trust of global customers.

Our Services support your company throughout the product development chain and reduce the risk of product recalls. With our services you can be rest assured that your offerings match the best in the world.


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