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How do we determine the quality of Water? How do I read a Water testing report and understand what it means? This and many more questions are in the minds of so many people.

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This article will help you understand Water Testing standards and assist you in making better decisions to protect you and your family.

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Acceptable Limit – What is it?
If there are multiple sources of Water at the sampling point, then Acceptable Limit is what should be considered.
Example: If there is a borewell water source and a Cauvery Water connection at home, then a sample of either Borewell or Cauvery should conform to the Acceptable Limits.
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Permissible Limit – What is it?
In the absence of Alternate sources of water, Permissible Limit can be considered.
Example: If you only have borewell water at home and no Cauvery connection, then the Borewell water should conform to the Permissible Limits.
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How much water is needed for testing?
Most laboratories will need a sample of at least 2 litres collected in a clean bottle.
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What to look for?
It is recommended that you at a minimum check for parameters related to Physical, Chemical & Biological Contamination.

What are Physical parameters?
Colour & Odour

What are Chemical parameters?
Some of them are TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Nitrate, Sulphate etc.

What are Biological parameters?
Faecal Coliform & E-Coli

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It is recommended that you get your water tested once in 6 months.

What type of Water Filter should I use?

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  • It is important to note that not all devices can work on all contaminants
  • UV filters can take care of Biological contamination.
  • RO based filters can remove chemical contamination but it is recommended to test your water before you buy a RO filter. Because if your water source has low TDS then the RO purifier will further reduce it to a very low TDS level.

Awareness & Action is needed now to ensure that safe drinking water is available to everyone.

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